Forkano Network

Forkano's main goal is education, training and participation of all those interested in promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies and the decentralization of a blockchain.

Forkano is an alternative, versatile and accessible blockchain, with blockchain functionalities from «third generation», these include: minting of native tokens and NFTs, execution of smart contracts, and creation of «staking pools».

Forkano enables CAP airdrop

The form to participate in the CAP Airdrop in Forkano Network is now available. The date of the airdrop will be published here and on Twitter on January 31. Please read the «Terms and Conditions» carefully before participating!

Note: The airdrop IS NOT January 31, the date of the airdrop will be announced on that day.

What can you do with Forkano?

  • Learn how to create and run your own validator node(s)
  • Learn how to convert your validator node onto a stake pool
  • Earn rewards in the native Forkano asset (CAP)
  • Learn how to delegate an receive delegations
  • Create, mint and transfer assets (tokens)
  • Create, mint and transfer NFT's Non Forkable Tokens 🙂
  • Collaborate with project decentralization
  • Passing on experience and knowledge
  • Help generate greater adoption of this type of technology
  • Learn and teach how to secure your digital assets

If you have little knowledge in blockchain and cryptocurrencies:

  • Download the mobile application on your tablet or smartphone and stay tuned for updates on the latest news at Telegram and Twitter
  • The following benefits will soon be available
    • Request funds to be able to send and receive transactions in CAP or ©
    • Mint your own token or digital asset
    • Mint your own NFT
  • Forkano Vault is now available for iOS and Android from the following links

If you have advanced knowledge, we invite you to create your own staking pool:

  • Visit the next link and follow the instructions!
  • You must have Docker installed
  • Minimal knowledge of CLI - Command Line Interface is required
  • Once you have your node running you can turn it into a Staking Pool - Block Producing Node
  • If you run a Block Producer node, you can request that, from Forkano's treasury (see Tokenomics), 1,000,000 CAP to be delegated for your node to compete equally with the rest of the nodes, produce blocks and receive rewards in CAP or ©. You must complete the next form to apply for delegation

Policies and Tokenomics

  • This policies describes the Forkano Network "initial laws" and the "behavior".
    • The main token of the Forkano Network will be named as CAP or ©
      • Limited supply of © 10,000,000,000 CAP
      • Initial supply of © ~168,000,000 CAP (Forkano's treasury)
    • © 100,000,000 million, from the initial supply, will be treated as whale wallets, for delegating to the first 100 staking pools created
      • Every new staking pool, will have delegated from this whale wallets, © 1,000,000 CAP each, to ensure equity and fair competition between pools
      • After certain time, to be determined (could be 150 epoch, which are 150 days ~5 months), the pool will have enough rewards, the © 1,000,000 delegated will be retired and destined to another new pool, again, to ensure equity and fair competition