Forkano Network Airdrop Terms & Conditions

Forkano Network (hereinafter "Forkano") will not use the data provided by airdrop participants (hereinafter "participants") for marketing campaigns, nor will it contact them to request data, or for any other purpose.

Forkano will use the payment addresses provided by the participants to transfer at its discretion an amount of CAP (Forkano's native currency or token), which may be used for any legal and/or commercial purpose the participants deem appropriate.

Main goal: The main goal of this airdrop is that participants can receive CAP in their wallets and thus learn to make transfers and delegations in the staking pools enabled in the network, whose list is visible from Forkano Vault, section "Staking", or from the following link:

Delegation rewards: the amount of CAP as a reward that participants can possibly obtain will depend exclusively on the amount of CAP delegated and the staking pool to which the wallet has been delegated. Please note that rewards may take 2 to 3 «epochs» to be distributed. Each epoch is 24 hours long, ending at approximately 21:46:30 UTC every day.

Forkano Vault: In order to obtain Forkano Vault, Forkano's mobile application, participants must download it from the official App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android. Alternatively, they can go to the «Links» section from the main menu of this website and click on the link corresponding to the operating system, iOS or Android, or can directly click on the following links: Forkano Vault for iOSForkano Vault for Android

Validity: The airdrop is valid for both Forkano Vault users as well as for node operators and delegation pools. That is, any participant that provides a «Forkano's wallet address» valid, will receive the CAP tokens distributed through this medium.

Quote/Price/Listing in exchanges: CAP, Forkano's native token, has no value at all, is not traded anywhere, and is not listed on any exchange at all.

Airdrop date: the date will be published on January 31, 2023 on the official site and on the official Twitter account:

Disclaimer of liabilityForkano is not responsible for the custody of the tokens received by the participants, nor of the custody of the private keys of the users of Forkano Vault or of the Forkano Node, in case the user is sending an address created from a Forkano Node.

CAP Airdrop
Forkano Network Airdrop Terms & Conditions
The address of the main wallet of the pool where you will receive the initial funds and thus register the pool